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We stand committed to transforming lives by providing tailored resources for individuals and businesses ensuring a profound impact on mental wellbeing and the provision of supports across the province.

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For Individuals

Empowering Individuals with Mental Health Support

We specialise in individual counselling and personal mental health support, collaborating with you on a personalised journey towards mental wellbeing. Our clinically trained mental health professionals employ a pragmatic and solution-focused approach, going beyond conventional methods to make a tangible difference in your life through strategies tailored to your unique needs.

Our Approach:
Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment
Begin your journey with personalised mental health assistance, starting with a thorough assessment to understand your unique challenges.
Tailored Therapy
Our interventions are personalised to address a spectrum of concerns, including but not limited to, anxiety, depression, stress management, overwhelm and self esteem.
Empowerment for Lasting Wellbeing
We go beyond the surface, offering practical and effective strategies to promote resilience and sustainable wellbeing.
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Counselling and Support for Couples, Teens, and Parents

Couples Counseling

Strengthening relationships through effective communication, understanding, and collaboration.

Teen Empowerment

Providing support and guidance to empower teenagers through the challenges they face.

Parental Guidance

Guiding parents to understand and deal with the challenges of being parents. We offer support with care and practical strategies.
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Nurturing Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

We believe in elevating workplaces by prioritising the mental wellbeing of your team. Our dedicated services in workplace mental health go beyond routine assessments – we delve into the specific mental wellbeing needs of your staff. We understand the importance of bespoke mental health strategies for your workforce. From tailored support in wellbeing clinics to  personalised 1:1 sessions, we ensure a holistic and effective impact on your organisation, including stigma reduction initiatives through engaging mental health clinics onsite.

Our Approach:
Onsite Wellbeing Clinics
Unique to Insula Wellbeing, our pioneering clinics provide a safe space with qualified practitioners, offering discrete and confidential clinical assessments open to all as a proactive service to prevent or identify early warning signs. These clinics ensure support is accessible without the limitation of having to get the courage to ask for help.
Tailored Strategies
Practical interventions designed to improve work-life balance and boost staff retention and productivity. We recognise that learning about your own mental health transforms how you view others, creating more empathy and understanding.  It also really breaks down stigma in the workplace and beyond
Follow-up Support
Individual sessions off-site (or by zoom) to provide ongoing support, utilising counselling, psychoeducation, practical strategies, solution-focused therapy, and accountability.
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