At Insula Wellbeing we aim to ensure that each client and business representative are treated with dignity and respect. We are committed to providing a professional and quality service and will take any complaint or grievance seriously. It is important to us that we have a clear, equitable and speedy procedure for investigating and responding to complaints. 


At Insula Wellbeing, all therapists are trained to national standards and work under their registered Professional Bodies (BASW NISSC, HCPC, RCOT) who monitor and regulate our standards of practice and ensure all therapists abide by our code of ethics. 

Any initial dispute or complaint about ethical or professional issues can be addressed at an informal level initially with their therapist or if necessary with the Director of Insula Wellbeing. Every effort will be made to resolve the problem at this stage. At this point it will be made clear to the complainant that there is a formal process and that they have a right to use it.  

On receipt of a formal complaint relating to the work of Insula Wellbeing, an internal enquiry will be set in motion to investigate the complaint as a matter of urgency. The complainant will be informed by letter that this procedure has commenced. 

The complaint will be investigated by a Company Director of Insula Wellbeing. The panel will request a written response to the complaint from the staff member concerned, and will meet to consider the substance of the complaint and the staff members response. At this meeting the Director may decide that if they have insufficient evidence to resolve the matter. If not the Director may seek to gather further evidence by meeting with the staff member or complainant. 

Once the Director feels they have sufficient information to come to a conclusion, they will summarize their findings in writing and will communicate these findings and any further action or recommendations to the complainant and staff member concerned. If not satisfied the complainant may wish to take the issue further with the therapist’s Professional awarding body. 

If the internal enquiry finds a prima facie case that a therapist has acted in an unprofessional manner, or has breached the Professional Body Code of Ethics and Practice then this will become a matter for disciplinary proceedings within Insula Wellbeing and for referral to the Standards and Ethics committee of Professional Body. 

If you have a complaint you can speak directly to a senior member of staff, you can do so by calling us on 028 91898182 . If preferred, you can us email here or write to us at 

Insula Wellbeing, Unit 53 Dunlop Commercial Park, 4 Balloo Drive, Bangor, Co Down, BT19 7QY 

For more information about NICCS and HCPC please visit their websites.


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