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Insula Services

Providing Everything You Need

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Meeting you where you are at and

looking at ways forward

Raising awareness and providing early intervention, making  a sustainable difference to the mental

wellbeing of your workforce. 

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Helping you understand mental illness, mental health legislation and how to access support. Taking time to focus on how you manage your own mental wellbeing & keep going.

For Individuals

For Individuals

Our interventions can be short term even single sessions, helping to alleviate distress, provide support and increase awareness about mental health. We also provide longer term support and coaching for those where ongoing accountability makes a difference.  Whilst we use talking therapies we also provide other practical strategies and interventions to promote recovery and wellbeing.  We work with individuals across a range of mental health struggles including but not exclusive to; depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, stress, feeling overwhelmed, lack of enjoyment, emotional distress, grief, and adjustment, crisis and self harm.   

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