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Staff not using existing mental health support services?

Whilst we recognise that mental health and wellbeing support is often available to employees via health insurance or EAP, we ask the question,  'Are your staff using these services?'  From our experience, only a few of your staff will pick up the phone ... they just keep going until it gets to a stage when they can't work or want to leave, blaming the job for how they feel.  


Our approach is different, with more focus on prevention and being proactive. 

We know, from over 35years experience, that it takes real skill and the ability to assess someone's mental health needs to make a sustainable difference!

We work with businesses to assess staff mental wellbeing needs and provide bespoke support via:

Wellbeing checks


1:1 sessions

Monthly Packages

On Site Clinics



Insula Wellbeing provides one to one individual sessions with your staff, during which we complete a clinical mental health wellbeing check.


These are facilitated on your premises in the form of a clinic day (staff book into slots).  This allows us to use our extensive clinical knowledge, training and experience to sensitively and skilfully help individuals to navigate and understand their own mental health needs and provide practical strategies that will benefit everyone. This is for all staff and not just those who are struggling.  


Our wellbeing checks allow us time with your staff (all or a cohort) in a safe space to provide them with impartial advice from clinically trained professionals and practical strategies with immediate impact.


Following our checks staff report feeling truly valued. 

A lot of staff will have attended workshops which focus on understanding mental health, ours take it a step further and provide practical strategies that help put the theory into practice.  Our clinical knowledge alongside our practice enables us to really connect with the group in a meaningful way with everyone being able to take something away.  

  • 2.5 hour workshops 

  • Bespoke content to suit your company needs

  • Facilitated by trained mental health professionals

  • Most popular workshop: "Overwhelmed to Energised"

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Mother and Daughter

With our monthly packages you can feel assured that your staff are well cared for with accessible professional support when needed in a meaningful way. 


What we offer 

Our monthly packages are for all staff and based on cost per head to include:

Full access to our services for assessment and interventions up to 6 sessions per staff member.  These will be either face to face at our hub or by zoom. 

Appointments will be offered within 10 working days or less if we can accommodate it. 

Individual Sessions

At Insula Wellbeing we see discretion as key.  Putting someone at ease as soon as possible is a priority.   If you refer one of your employees to our service, your staff can be assured that their session will be confidential and not discussed with you the employer.   

We believe that offering a safe place can enable people to get the most out of this service.  We have an office where individuals can be seen privately which is located locally within the business industry. It is discrete and as a result it will not be obvious where the person is attending.   

Alternatively, we can have the session by zoom or teams or at another agreed location.   Flexibility will be necessary to enable staff to attend around their work commitments and we will endeavour to accommodate their availability where possible. 

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It is important that together we combat the stigma of mental health as  

“the humanity we all share is more important than the mental illness we may not”


- Elyn R Saks 


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