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Example Workshops

Rediscover Your Inner Glow....Where to Start?

This workshop explains the link between thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical symptoms. It also introduces the 5 pillars to your mental health before allowing an opportunity to explore a wellness wall. Following this we introduce our unique LIPS activity and before finishing with our in-depth discovery tool and action plan.

Overwhelmed to Energised 

Within this workshop we explore the causes of feeling overwhelmed and what it looks like as this varies for everyone. We the use a basic CBT model to help people make sense of their own situation. Following this we introduce the ‘vicious cogs’ theory and discuss the balance diagram. This allows us to enable participants to explore options of reducing demands and increasing resources and we touch on some assertiveness techniques as part of this. We then allow an opportunity to action plan before completing a mindfulness exercise.

Declutter your Life  

Within this workshop we educate, explore and action plan decluttering where necessary within the fields of: 

  • Thoughts 

  • Relationships 

  • Lifestyle 

  • Identity 

  • Environment

Planning not Procrastinating 

This workshop starts with understanding procrastination with special focus on our underlying beliefs. We then explore the types of activities we put off, what we choose to do instead and what excuses we make. Educating participants about the procrastination cycle is next before moving on to provide strategies and techniques to help combat procrastination.

Self Care vs Self Sabotage 

This workshop starts with a basic introduction to neuroplasticity and allows participants an opportunity to explore our behavioural responses to negative emotions. It moves on to educate about low self esteem with a chance to explore participants’ vicious cogs in relation to this.  We finish by exploring what to do differently and how to self nurture or self care before completing an action plan.

Assertiveness Training

This workshop starts with exploring the difference between passive, assertive and aggressive behaviour before moving onto training on techniques to improve each participants ability to behave in an assertive manner in different environments.

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