I found her really easy to talk to and we explored both my personal and professional life. Her expertise and tailored approach was very helpful and she give me tools to deal with stress in my day to day life. Being able to chat to someone who was impartial was very liberating. I would definitely recommend Sharon and am no long wary of attending a counselling session, you do not have to have a mental health problem to have a chat with a counsellor.

Advice she gave me was very helpful & informative. I would definitely
recommend the service.

I found Sharon to be very friendly and easy to talk to, she listened intently with no judgement and this put me at ease. I was provided with tips and ideas to help improve my mental and physical wellbeing and I highly recommend a session with insula wellbeing and I hope to avail of the service again in the future .

Jessica demonstrated a lot of different techniques that I have never heard of to reduce stress & general anxiety. I found Jessica very approachable, easy to talk to & could tell she was genuinely interested in listening to what I felt I needed help with.

She has helped me to understand and process things in a different way and I genuinely have felt better since. I couldn’t recommend using this service enough. Thank you Jessica

However, I found Jessica to be a good listener asking appropriate / interesting questions in a manner I appreciated. She made me think about answers/situations on the spot which helped me a
great deal.

I recently completed the Overwhelmed to Energised course online.  It was brillian.  Not only was it really clear to follow and easy to understand, it’s packed full of practical advice and exercises you can do when you feel overwhelmed.  The course also has downloadable PDF’s which you can use as part of the exercises and I found that really useful as I’m a very visual learner and love to write things down. If you are feeling worried or stressed I’d really recommend this course.


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