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Specialising in mental health therapy for individuals, businesses & carers or those in a supporting role

Are you struggling with your mental health?  Are you or someone you know on a waiting list for NHS services but the wait is causing more distress?


1 in 5 people in the UK experience mental health problems. If you are not experiencing mental health issues yourself, you only need to look around you to know that it is close by, it could be a family member, friend, work colleague or employee, often hidden or “not talked about”. 

We are professionally qualified NHS therapists who have moved into the private sector to bring support closer to you when you need them most. 


Unit 53, 4 Balloo Drive, BT19 7QY

07786 270954 - Sharon

07912757840 - Jessica

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Insula Wellbeing

A Fresh Approach to Mental Health Support

Clinically trained mental health professionals with extensive experience in assessment and interventions with a focus on practical strategies making a tangible difference. 

We are focused on early intervention, education and support for individuals, businesses and carers.   

Our aim is that with support from our service, we will help people and businesses make a sustainable difference to their mental health. 

We offer a wide range of therapeutic interventions and are happy to discuss how we can meet your needs. 


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